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Ben Stiller: Oscar Nod For "The Cove" Could Save Dolphins



    Getting an Oscar nod has brought the dolphin documentary "The Cove" popularity way beyond the activist crowd and could make a difference in the animals' plight, Ben Stiller told PopcornBiz.

    After seeing the film three times, Stiller is one of its biggest supporters. Speaking at a Haven360 lounge party for "The Cove" in West Hollywood's Andaz Hotel, Stiller said a Best Documentary Oscar would take the cause of dolphins, killed by the thousands each year in a hidden Japanese cove, to a different level.

    "If the movie wins, it will make a huge difference," says Stiller. "I'm pulling for it for sure."

    Just the nomination has been a boon. The attention has helped pave the way for the film to be shown at the Tokyo Film Festival, which was a huge get. "Any time a movie gets nominated, it gets worldwide attention," says Stiller. "This has made a big difference for this movie."

    As for his first viewing, "I was blown away," Stiller said. "There are very few movies where you feel like telling people, 'You have to see this movie.'"

    And it's not all deep stuff he insists. "People think of it as a heavy documentary about dolphins getting slaughtered," says Stiller, "but it's really an entertaining movie that draws you in. There's humor there, too."