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Mile High Momentum



    Mile High Momentum
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    A win for the Chargers in Denver might be in reach.

    Just prior to kickoff at Mile High Stadium on Thursday, December 12th the Chargers were 6-7 facing the 11-2 Broncos. That they are facing each other in a playoff game a month to the day later is a real head-scratcher to some. Not to the Chargers.

    "It's great to be a part of, " safety Eric Weddle said. "We believe in each other and the strength of this team is its character. We stand by each other and we'll fight to the end," he added.

    The odds makers think "the end" will come on Sunday. The Bolts are 10-point underdogs despite beating the Broncos 27-20 at Mile High on that fateful Thursday night. Neither team has lost since.

    Curiously, both teams beat the other on the road during the regular season. Their two-game aggregate score is 48-47, a one point edge to the Broncos.

    Keep in mind Denver lost last year in the divisional round, also at home, to the Ravens. Despite all of Peyton Manning's accolades he still has yet to win a postseason game for the Broncos.

    Still, the Chargers know they are in for quite a battle, "We are going to put our best plan together in the next couple of days to go in there and give it our best shot," said head coach Mike McCoy. "We have to play our best game to beat this football team."

    If recent road history is any indication (wins at Kansas City, Denver and Cincinnati) the Chargers might be in better shape than most pundits think.