Today's Forecast

Today's Forecast

This very slow cooling continues as we head into the work week.  Temperatures for Monday should be just a few degrees shy of our high marks over the weekend.  A slightly more persistent marine layer this morning will help slow the warming just a little.  The cooling will continue through Wednesday and then give way to warmer temperatures for Friday.  Once again, no rain is in the forecast.  Also, we're about to finish the month as the hottest March on record.  And those records for San Diego date back to the 1870s!

Monday's Highs:

Coast:  Upper 60s to low 70s (some patchy morning fog, and then plenty of sunshine)

Inland: Upper 70s to Low 80s (a few high clouds, but mostly sunny)

Mountains: Low 70s (less breezy)

Deserts: Low 90s