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Today's Forecast

Today's Forecast
The NBC 7 Weather team, April 2016

Cooler with patchy morning drizzle today. A decent spring storm will move in later tonight and tomorrow...

Today will be mainly dry, but cloudy & cool. After 5 pm, we develop a chance of showers and thunderstorms. After 11 pm, showers and thunderstorms are likely. Thunderstorms may produce high winds and even hail.

The brunt of the storm will move through tonight and tomorrow morning, though we keep a small chance of a shower or thunderstorm through the weekend, mainly in the mountains and deserts.

Thursday's Forecast:

Coast: mostly cloudy (possible am drizzle) - low to mid 60s

Valleys: mostly cloudy (possible am drizzle) - low to mid 60s

Mountains: mostly cloudy (possible am drizzle, windy - low to mid 50s

Deserts: mostly sunny - low 80s, windy