Golden Local Awarded for Best Beach Breakfast

The naked pancakes and the french toast make The Mission delicious

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    The Mission won the Golden Local for the best beach breakfast.

    It was a battle of the beach breakfast heavyweights, but The Mission came out on top.

    In the final day of voting, The Mission, in Mission Beach, beat out Kono's Cafe of Pacific Beach to walk away with the Golden Local for the best beach breakfast in town. It was one of the closest Golden Local contests to date, with The Mission winning by just a few votes.

    The Mission attracts both locals and tourists, and a lot of customers seem to like their French toast.

    "We make it with our homemade cinnamon bread, so it sort of adds a lot of flavor inside the toast, and then we have our own recipe for the batter, and we decorate the plate, and it comes out and looks gorgeous," waitress Lindsay Johnson said.

    The Mission Wins Golden Local

    [DGO] The Mission Wins Golden Local
    Mission Beach's iconic eatery won the Golden Local for the best beach breakfast.

    The restaurant is located on Mission Boulevard, just steps away from the beach, but customers said there is more to The Mission then its proximity to the surf.

    "The atmosphere here is pretty good, the portions are pretty big and the price is right," patron Chris Olson explained. “I got the naked pancakes, which is a pretty basic pancake platter with scrambled eggs and bacon, and it was pretty delicious.”

    The Mission also has locations in downtown and in Hillcrest.

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