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    What is NBC Live?
    NBC Live gives you live access to the NBC broadcast at home or on the go via NBC.com. Through NBC Live you can live stream your local NBC broadcast and watch all of your favorite news and entertainment shows on your desktop or laptop computer or your mobile device.

    How can I access NBC Live?
    Sign in with your TV Service Provider username and password to start watching live, and to see the most recently aired episode of your favorite NBC shows.

    What is a TV Service Provider?
    A TV Service Provider is the company you pay to get your television service, such as a cable, satellite or a telecommunications company.

    If you don’t see your TV Service Provider available now, check again on NBC.com soon. NBC.com continues to add additional providers to the list of those available for access to NBC Live.

    Can I access NBC Live from my mobile device or tablet?
    Yes. NBC Live is available on all iOS and Android handheld and tablet devices.

    I do not have a TV Service Provider account. Can I still watch video on this site?
    Yes. All video (short form and live) that is currently available on this site will still be available without signing in.

    I’m having technical issues (i.e. browser crashes when stream plays, frequent buffering, etc.) watching the live stream, where do I go?
    All technical questions should be directed to the NBC Live support team. You can submit a ticket on NBC.com’s FAQ page: http://www.nbc.com/faq/contact.

    For additional detail regarding system and browser requirements for the video player and how to contact your local TV Service Provider, please consult the complete NBC Live FAQ section on NBC.com.