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Bob Hansen

Bob Hansen, Consumer Reporter



    Working as a consumer reporter isn't much different than standing around an old time cracker barrel  " shooting the bull."

    That's what Bob Hansen, better known as Consumer Bob, has to say about his style of reporting.

    "Back in the day people got together and talked about their jobs, their neighbors and the snake oil salesman that just came through town. I try to do the same thing. Talk about things that matter in people's lives, try to save them money, even catch a "snake oil salesman" now and again.

    Bob's unique style of consumer reporting has made him a San Diego favorite for 26 years. He keeps his finger on the pulse of what interests San Diego viewers from scams to sales.

    Bob is a native Southern Californian. He has a bachelor's degree from U.C. San Diego and a Masters degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri.

    He started in the business as a Copyboy for the Houston Chronicle and later as a freelance reporter for National Public Radio. He's been in television for 33 years reporting in Missouri, Florida, Kentucky and San Diego. Along the way he's received many local and national awards.   

    Bob enjoys photography, volleyball and surfing. He's happily married and has four children and four grand-children.

    Whether it's talking about great deals, how to save money or avoiding the latest scam, don't miss Consumer Bob's unique perspective.

    You can watch him every Monday through Friday on NBC 7 San Diego News.
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