Woman Accused of Attacking Man with Prosthetic Leg

A North Carolinian woman tore herself limb from limb — in the hopes of doing the same to her rival in a scuffle.

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    A woman in North Carolina is accused of removing her prosthetic leg during a fight in order to beat her victim with it.

    She definitely had a leg up on her rival in this fight.

    A North Carolinian woman is accused of removing her prosthetic leg in the midst of a scuffle and of beating a man with it, the Charlotte Observer reported.

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    After a feud with 29-year-old Charles Talbert over a trip the pair had made to the grocery store, the unidentified woman confronted him at his Gastonia, N.C., home.

    And as the dispute escalated, Talbert said, she jumped out of her wheelchair to attack him, ripping out her dialysis tube in the process.

    She punched him, removed her prosthetic leg and beat him with it, he said, damaging his cell phone and glasses, according to the Observer.

    The woman claimed Talbert had punched her and had been harassing her over the groceries for two days before the scuffle.

    She was brought to Gaston Memorial Hospital for treatment of her injuries from the altercation, injuries Talbert said she incurred when bystanders pulled her off of him.

    No charges have been filed.