Man Busted for Meth Had Homemade Napalm Too: Police

Suspect said he was a scientist, police said

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    Getty Images / Marco Di Lauro
    A man was busted for allegedly cooking up meth and homemade napalm.

    A Florida man busted for allegedly cooking up meth in a storage shed also kept a mason jar for what he called homemade napalm, police said.

    Seth Stanley, 33, of Milton, allegedly had a plastic bag and a glass vial full of meth in his pocket when the Santa Rosa County Narcotics Unit showed up at his home to serve a search warrant, the Sun-Sentinel newspaper reported.

    Stanley allegedly directed police to a “one-pot” jug in a storage shed that he used to cook up meth for himself, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office said in a news release.

    That’s where police found a mason jar with a gas-like substance that Stanley said was the dangerous agent napalm. Stanley did not say why he had a jar full of the stuff, police said.

    He allegedly told detectives he was a scientist, a claim police could not corroborate, the Sun-Sentinel reported.