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Firefighters just happened to be driving by when they noticed the smoke.

Photo Credit: Mark Sackett, NBC 7]]>
<![CDATA[Chula Vista Neighborhood Sprayed to Prevent Zika Spreading]]> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 11:40:15 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/Zika-Mosquito-GettyImages-513621730.jpg
County health officials sprayed a section of the Chula Vista neighborhood to prevent the spread of mosquitoes at risk of carrying Zika virus on Thursday morning.

Photo Credit: LatinContent/Getty Images]]>
<![CDATA[Coast Guard Seizes Nearly Three Tons of Cocaine]]> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 07:31:28 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/10-27-16-coast-guard-coke-seizure1.jpg
US Coast Guardsmen seized more than 5,600 pounds of cocaine and arrested five suspected drug smugglers in the Pacific Ocean off the Central American coast, and plan to offload 39,000 pounds of the contraband on...

Photo Credit: NBC Bay Area
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<![CDATA[Putin Praises Trump, Denies Meddling in US Election]]> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 12:12:36 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/putin3.jpg
Russian President Vladimir Putin, while continuing to deny the Kremlin has sought to meddle in the United States election, praised Donald Trump on Thursday for energizing American voters "tired of the...

Photo Credit: Getty Images]]>
<![CDATA[Deputy Saves Woman From Burning Car]]> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 06:40:55 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/deputy-saves-woman-from-burning-car.jpg
The deputy, an 11-year-veteran with the department, was driving through Encinitas early Sunday morning when he saw the smoking car.]]>
<![CDATA[Halloween Creates Concerns Over Registered Sex Offenders]]> Wed, 26 Oct 2016 23:31:19 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/trick-or-treaters.JPG
State officials are cracking down on registered sex offenders, just as Halloween is around the corner.]]>
<![CDATA[Accused Cop Killer Faces Death Penalty]]> Wed, 26 Oct 2016 17:51:06 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/222*120/accused-shooter-palmsprings.jpg
Prosecutors will seek the death penalty against John Hernandez Felix, the man charged with the murders of two Palm Springs police officers killed in an ambush, the Riverside County District Attorney's Office...

Photo Credit: Palm Springs Police Department]]>
<![CDATA[Palm-Killing Weevil Poses Threat to Region]]> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 12:21:18 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/Palm-Weevil-Blurb-San-Diego.jpg
Palm trees are an iconic image in Southern California but there is a new threat that could kill them off.

Photo Credit: NBC 7]]>
<![CDATA[ISIS Forcing Civilians to Be Human Shields in Mosul: Reports]]> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 11:04:52 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/AP_16301520674555.jpg
ISIS is reportedly forcing civilians living in their self-declared caliphate to move to Mosul, in what appears to be preparation to use them as human shields ahead of a planned allied assault on the city.The...

Photo Credit: AP]]>
<![CDATA[Voters More Worried About Drug Prices Than Obamacare]]> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 10:40:14 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/obamacare2.jpg
Health care does not rank among voters' top issues and when asked about health priorities for the next president and Congress to address fewer people mentioned repealing Obamacare or weakening the law than other...

Photo Credit: AP]]>
<![CDATA[Halloween-Ready Richard Sherman: 'I'm Definitely a Wizard']]> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 08:44:02 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/214*120/Screen+Shot+2016-10-27+at+8.57.36+AM.png
Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman cast a spell over the press conference Wednesday, when he dressed as a Gryffindor and claimed he was a wizard. Clad in a robe and a red and gold tie, The NFL...

Photo Credit: AP]]>
<![CDATA[Analysis: Hacked Memo Reinforces Worst Perception of Clintons]]> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 08:58:04 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/BClintonGettyImages-609580674.jpg
A 2011 memo from Douglas Band, a longtime aide to Bill Clinton, makes the case that his "multiple roles had served the interests of the Clinton family and its charity" and "detailed a circle of enrichment," the...

Photo Credit: Getty Images]]>
<![CDATA[Murray or Hanks? Oil or Paint? Images Befuddle the Internet]]> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 12:04:20 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/https___blueprint-api-production_s3_amazonaws_com_uploads_card_image_260405_Screen_Shot_2016-10-26_at_11_16_48.png
Last year, it was a photo of a dress that left viral internet watchers questioning their color perception. Today, it’s a picture of actor Bill Murray with a crying toddler and a photo of paint-spattered...

Photo Credit: Instagram / @leonardhoespams
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<![CDATA[$265M Settlement Amtrak Crash ]]> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 08:42:49 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/AP772156120139.jpg
A federal judge has approved a $265 million settlement for the victims of last May's deadly Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia. The ruling from U.S. Judge Legrome D. Davis released Thursday sets up a settlement...

Photo Credit: AP
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<![CDATA[Election Day Safety Fears See Schools Cancel Classes ]]> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 07:03:34 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/votevote.jpg
Many of the schools across America that house polling booths will not be open on Election Day for the first time after parents raised fears over violence.Public schools, with their ample parking...

Photo Credit: Getty Images]]>
<![CDATA[DUI Suspected in Poway Head-On Crash]]> Wed, 26 Oct 2016 19:37:27 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/poway-headon-crash.jpg
A father with a 5-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl went to a nearby hospital with what were described by deputies as minor injuries.

Photo Credit: Matt Rascon, NBC 7
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<![CDATA[Polls: Clinton Leads in New Hampshire; Tied in Nevada ]]> Wed, 26 Oct 2016 15:44:26 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/split-clintontrump-april16.jpg
Democrat Hillary Clinton has jumped out to a nine-point lead in the battleground state of New Hampshire, while she’s tied with Republican Donald Trump in Nevada, according to two new NBC News/Wall Street...

Photo Credit: Getty Images, File
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<![CDATA[Violent NC Fugitives Arrested at San Diego Casino: SDSO]]> Wed, 26 Oct 2016 16:51:57 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/handcuffs-generic-on-black.jpg
San Diego Sheriff's County Deputies (SDSO) arrested two violent North Carolina fugitives at a San Diego casino Wednesday afternoon.]]>
<![CDATA[Neighbors Help Save Skyline House from Fire]]> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 08:47:57 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/Skyline-Fire-House-1027.jpg
It was the quick-thinking of a few neighbors that saved a home from fire.]]>
<![CDATA[Trump Hollywood Star Smasher Speaks]]> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 12:20:04 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/209*120/Capture100.PNG
A man who had an ax to grind with Donald Trump was arrested Thursday morning after he destroyed the presidential candidate's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. James Otis, an heir to the Otis Elevator...

Photo Credit: KNBC-TV]]>
<![CDATA[Filmmaker Not Charged in Shooting]]> Wed, 26 Oct 2016 20:10:00 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/epps.jpg
San Francisco filmmaker and activist Kevin Epps, who was arrested and released this week in the fatal shooting of a man inside his home, applauded the city's justice system Wednesday during an interview with NBC...

Photo Credit: NBC Bay Area
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<![CDATA[Smoky Boston Train Evacuation ]]> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 05:14:57 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/boston-back-bay-train-evacuation-smoke.jpg
Passengers were evacuated from a smoky MBTA train, some climbing out windows, in Boston's Back Bay during the Wednesday afternoon commute. The train's doors did not open as smoke filled Back Bay Station, though...

Photo Credit: necn / Stuart Long
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<![CDATA[1 Dead, 16 Injured as Fire Rips Through Apartments on Manhattan's Upper East Side]]> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 08:55:14 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/Cvw0YQTWAAAWZQj.jpg
One man was killed and 16 people were hurt, one of them with life-threatening injuries, in a fire that overtook three Upper East Side apartment buildings and sent flames shooting 20 feet into the air on Thursday...

Photo Credit: @mbonaccors/Twitter
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<![CDATA[Firefighter's Helmet Cam Captures Daring Rescue]]> Wed, 26 Oct 2016 09:56:58 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/Firefighter-Helmet-Cam-102016.jpg
For the first time, we’re seeing video of the daring and emotional rescue of two children from a house fire in Mount Hope.

Photo Credit: Dallas Higgins, SDFD
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<![CDATA[The 'Uber for Kids' Niche]]> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 08:15:44 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/1026-2016-zum.jpg
New ride-hailing companies are going where the traditional ones can’t, targeting kids and their parents who need help juggling work and parenting responsibilities. Eleven-year old Coco, of Los Gatos...

Photo Credit: NBC Bay Area]]>
<![CDATA[Billed for Ambulance Ride That Never Happened]]> Wed, 26 Oct 2016 17:30:40 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/RobertoFrias_RuralMetroWheelchair_10.26.16.JPG
Since Roberto was already in a wheelchair, he said his wife and son pushed him up the hill to the Kaiser Permanente emergency room about a block away.]]>
<![CDATA[NAACP, Demonstrators Call for Restraining Order Against ECPD]]> Wed, 26 Oct 2016 21:23:52 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/214*120/09-28-16-Alfred+Olango.JPG
More than a dozen demonstrators backed by the NAACP gathered at the federal courthouse in Downtown San Diego Wednesday, calling for a restraining order against police.

Photo Credit: Facebook]]>
<![CDATA[Fire at Travelodge Hotel in San Ysidro Displaces Dozens]]> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 12:08:27 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/10-26-16+San+Ysidro+Travelodge+fire.jpg
Crews worked to board up and repair over a dozen hotel rooms damaged in a two-alarm fire at a Travelodge Motel in San Ysidro Wednesday night.

Photo Credit: NBC 7]]>
<![CDATA[Two San Diego Police Shooting Cases Going to Trial]]> Wed, 26 Oct 2016 20:47:31 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/victor+ortega.JPG
Both cases involved San Diego Police officers shooting an unarmed man and both involved alleged discrepancies in what the police reported, including where the officers were standing and what the dead men...]]>
<![CDATA[30 Bullet-Proof Vests Donated to San Diego County Sheriff's K-9 Unit]]> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 08:37:52 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/sdso+k9+in+vest+1026.jpg
The Deputy Sheriff’s Association (DSA) donated 30 bullet-proof K-9 vests to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit on Wednesday.

Photo Credit: San Diego County Sheriff's Office]]>
<![CDATA[US Strike Targets Senior Al Qaeda Commander: Official]]> Wed, 26 Oct 2016 18:30:52 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/190*120/AP422109808973.jpg
A senior al Qaeda commander involved in plots against the United States and Europe was targeted in a U.S. drone strike in eastern Afghanistan, U.S. officials said Wednesday.Nayef Salam Muhammad Ujaym al-Hababi...

Photo Credit: AP]]>