Go Inside UC San Diego's New Trauma Center

The UC San Diego Trauma Center on W. Arbor Drive serves approximately 2,900 patients a year

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    NBC 7 San Diego
    UCSD Medical Center on W. Arbor Drive in San Diego

    Staff at San Diego County’s leading trauma center now has the most advanced technology at their fingertips.

    On Thursday, UC San Diego Health Care unveiled the newest addition to the county's trauma care system with its state-of-the-art Level 1 Trauma Center.

    UC San Diego Trauma Center Tour

    [DGO] UC San Diego Trauma Center Tour
    Go inside the new Level 1 Trauma Center at UC San Diego on W. Arbor Drive - opened to the media on Thursday, May 16, 2013. (Published Thursday, May 16, 2013)

    Trauma teams have access to the latest in diagnostics, digital imaging, and communication.

    Center director Raul Coimbra, MD, PhD, FACS said the cutting-edge technology will allow staff to resuscitate patients more rapidly.

    UCSD Doctor Heals Paralyzed Man

    [DGO] UCSD Doctor Heals Paralyzed Man
    A San Diego man is walking again after being paralyzed for years, thanks to a UC San Diego doctor Dr. Justin Brown. (Published Sunday, March 3, 2013)

    Among the additions, a modern x-ray system that delivers “film” three seconds after an image is taken straight into the system’s computers. That’s a big difference than the old system where staff would wait 15 to 20 minutes for the same image.

    Results from laboratories will also pop up directly on the computer screens. Staff will no longer have to run to the lab to get the results Coimbra said.

    There is also a unique camera system that allows medical staff to guide four patients at once, splitting a monitor and giving a specialist or other doctors the ability to see what’s happening in several trauma rooms simultaneously.

    “The most modern trauma center in San Diego County that we are opening today,” Coimbra said. “I hope other the trauma centers will follow our lead on this system.”

    The center on W. Arbor Drive serves approximately 2,900 patients a year covering the area south of Interstate 805 to the ocean and Interstate 8 to the Mexican border.

    UC San Diego’s Trauma Center has served as a model for other countries and was recently certified as a Level I trauma center.