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Sony Designs Bedside Internet Connection



    It may not be the iPad, but Sony Electronics thinks it has a winner on its hands with the Dash, which hits the stores this week. 

    The device is a high tech alarm clock that includes personalized Internet content, everything from YouTube to Pandora to CNBC to the weather. Engineers in San Diego helped design the Wi-Fi touch screen device. The Dash uses a homes Internet connection to push real-time content onto the 7-inch screen.

    Sony doesn't want the $200 Dash to be stuck in the bedroom, however. The company is also pushing the device for the kitchen and other rooms of the house where you might want a simple Internet connection. The device is not portable, though it does not run on batteries and must be plugged in. 

    The Dash has a wide library of free apps and 30 video channels, according to Sony senior vice president Brennan Mullin.