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Social Media Habits Heat Up East Coast-West Coast Rivalry



    Do you Twitter or Facebook?

    Think of Facebook as Tupac and Twitter as Biggie Smalls.

    The East Coast-West Coast rivalry is back on but this time it doesn't involve the word gangsta or rap. Unless of course those are words you tweet or put up in your status.

    A new report examining the social media usage of two million people across 200 American cities says the left coast leans Facebook, while the East Coast is all about the shortness and sweetness of Twitter. The study was done by marketing firm NetProspex.

    Not surprisingly San Francisco (No. 1) and San Jose (No. 2) were ranked as the nation's top two socially connected cities. Los Angeles ranked No. 9 and San Diego took the No. 15 spot.

    New York was the most Twitter-obsessed city in the country.

    But don't get too proud of yourself New York, San Francisco ranked a close second. We don't mind reading the extra 281 characters a Facebook status update has to offer us.

    The full report is available online.