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Russian Satellite to Fall Back to Earth

The satellite was only launched a couple months ago, and it appears to have been doomed from the start.



    The Russian satellite Phobos-Grunt looks ready to crash to Earth this coming Sunday or Monday.

    Perhaps Chicken Little was right, because recently it has seemed like the sky really is falling. This time it's the appropriately named Russian satellite Phobos-Grunt, which looks ready to crash to Earth this coming Sunday or Monday.

    The difference this time is that Phobos Grunt was launched only a couple of months ago, and appears to have been doomed right from the start. Recently the head of the Russian space agency has suggested that U.S. agents might have sabotaged the mission, although he's probably just trying to cover his own butt following a string of recent failures.

    The latest estimates have P-G crashing into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Argentina on Sunday, but this estimate seems to be changing regularly. Just yesterday they said it would hit in the Indian Ocean, so I'm going to figure that they really don't have a clue where it might land. Stay tuned just in case you have to duck.

    Via Voice of Russia

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