RIM Stays Relevant with PlayBook Announcement

Table Computer Pairs with BlackBerry Handhelds

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    Yeah, but where's the keyboard?

    Just joshing you, RIM, this tablet looks to potentially kick some corporate butt.

    BlackBerry's RIM announced today it's player in the tablet-computing market: the PlayBook. Making the rounds on Twitter, it seems to be building a pretty solid -- if preliminary -- buzz. Having a snazzy soundtrack-laden video ready to roll also helps. And the official site displays the features and specs with equal snazz.

    According to engadget.com the device "... will sport a Cortex A9, 1GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 7-inch display, webOS-like app switching, an e-reader component, full document editing, and pairing with BlackBerry phones." (Click here for their story.)

    But wait ... there's more.

    This little beauty is tricked-out with HDMI, USB and both front and rear cameras. Basically, if you were holding one of these in a poker game, you could get all Cool Hand Luke and "kick a buck" against your iPad-wielding friends.

    Going back to the marketplace relevance: syncing with existing handhelds. Businesses have long clung to their BlackBerrys because of their high security level, protecting pornographic secret-business emails.

    If the PlayBook gets approved by the bean counters, then expect a slew of mid-level management types to get in line for one -- restoring what little 'cool' they had left in their child's eyes.

    One thing missing? The price. RIM is mum on that key detail.