This One Didn't Get Away

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    Long-time fisherman Greg Koonce of Hood River, Oregon stands next to his prize tuna at Fisherman's Landing.

    The biggest prize tuna of the season -- weighing in at 379.8 pounds -- was caught by longtime fisherman Greg Koonce of Hood River, Ore., who pulled it up on the Polaris Supreme.

    The fish ranks sixth on Bill Roecker's All-Time Top Tuna list. Koonce's buddy Lon Mikkelson had the second-best tuna this season, at 294 pounds. Koonce said of his big catch: "We all saw his tail, so we knew he was big."

    It was quite the struggle to get the tuna -- which weighed in at Fisherman's Landing on Wednesday -- in the boat. Koonce, who has been fishing for 20 years, credits deckhand Mark Clark with helping in the capture.