High-End Bicycles Targeted in Countywide Crime Series

Some of the recovered stolen bikes are valued at as high as $15,000

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    NBC 7's Candice Nguyen report - police say suspects target high-end homes, drive through the neighborhood and look for open garage doors, patios anywhere where you'd let your guard down. (Published Friday, April 11, 2014)

    San Diego police are actively investigating a high-end bicycle theft case that's believed to be part of a countywide series.

    Two men in their 20s have been arrested and are believed to be responsible for dozens of bike theft cases.

    Some of the recovered stolen bikes are valued at as high as $15,000.

    Carmel Valley resident Timothy Hall and his fiancé Karen Singer may be one of the victims.

    Their specialized FSR mountain bike, initially purchased for more than $1,000, was stolen earlier this year.

    Hall had locked the bicycle along with two beach cruisers to their car port. He says he used a heavy-duty, professional lock.

    “I came out and didn’t expect to see the bike gone, and I thought what happened to my bike?” Hall said. “I look at the ground and I see this big lock was cut right in half with what seemed to be professional bolt cutters.”

    Hall says the thieves left behind the beach cruisers.

    “Obviously they were scoping the neighborhood looking for good bikes,” he said.

    According to Officer Jim Johnson, the suspects target high-end homes, drive through the neighborhoods and look for open garage doors or accessible patios for any expensive bikes.

    To protect your bicycle, police advise you not to leave your garage door open and unattended.

    Don’t leave your bike on your porch or patio without being locked up.

    As far as getting your bicycle back, take good photographs of it and document all of the factor serial numbers on any parts including the frame.

    Many stolen bikes are parted out and these individual parts do not contain serial numbers. If you have an expensive seat, fork, rims or drive-train, permanently mark each item and photograph and document those marks. In some of these cases, police may recover many of the parts with no way for the victim to positively identify them.

    Another option is purchasing a GPS tracking system that can be attached to your bicycle, similar to those available for vehicles.

    Officials say there may be additional suspects in the crime ring.