San Diego Chargers Doc Faces Loss of License

The San Diego Chargers team's lead doctor is facing formal charges from the California medical board

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    The San Diego Chargers team's lead doctor is facing formal charges from the California medical board that could result in the loss of his license.

    NBC 7 Investigates has just learned the medical board filed a complaint against Dr. David Chao late last week, based on complaints from three of his patients.

    The complaint requests that Dr. Chao’s license be revoked or suspended.

    This comes on the heels of the Medical Board's decision in May to issue a public reprimand against Dr. Chao after it determined that he was "dishonest" when he failed to reveal a misdemeanor DUI Conviction on applications to work as a medical evaluator for workers' compensation cases.

    This latest petition accuses Dr. Chao of gross negligence in the care of a patient, repeated negligent acts and failure to maintain adequate and accurate medical records.

    The medical board states that one of the three patients suffered neurological problems and further complications after having surgery with Dr. Chao.

    Dr. Chao’s attorney, Robert Frank, issued this statement about the allegations.

    “The care of these patients have been reviewed by independent physicians who have supported Dr. Chao's quality of care. Dr. Chao's surgical performance of the total knee replacement on patient ME was successful and she remains one of his patients, and along with patient DE has not lodged any complaints.

    Unfortunately patient KA suffered a known complication experienced by other physicians who perform BHR procedure in which Dr. Chao was the first surgeon in San Diego (2006) to perform the procedure after being personally being trained on the procedure by a surgeon who invented and pioneered the procedure and which Dr. Chao has performed many times successfully.”

    A spokesperson for the San Diego Chargers has declined comment at this time.

    You can see the full report by visiting the California Medical Board’s website.