Hey Supes: Two Terms and You're Out

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    Eight years will have to be enough for county supervisors.

    Proposition B, limiting the county leaders to serving two terms, was approved Tuesday by a large margin. More than 200,000 voters - 69 percent of the vote - agreed that supervisors could not seek a third term.

    Board of Supes Likely to Face Term Limits

    [DGO] Board of Supes Likely to Face Term Limits
    Countywide voters decide whether term limits should be placed on county supervisors. (Published Wednesday, June 9, 2010)

    All five current supervisors have been in office since the mid-1990s.


    Opponents had argued that the measure is nothing more than an attempted power grab by its sponsor, the Service Employees International Union, which is unhappy that hundreds of workers it represents have been pared from the county payroll.