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SDUSD: We're Preparing for "Doomsday Budget"



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    We've heard about the worst case scenario schools are facing in terms of the budget crisis. Now we’re hearing about what some are calling a "doomsday budget."

    The district has cut $400 million over the last four years. It cut $115 million to balance the budget for next school year.

    SDUSD: We're Preparing for "Doomsday Budget"

    [DGO] SDUSD: We're Preparing for "Doomsday Budget"
    The district has cut $400 million over the last four years. Could it really have to cut another $30 to $50 million?
    (Published Tuesday, April 26, 2011)

    Could the district really have to cut another $30 to $50 million?   

    “How do we do that, How do we educate our children and open our schools under that scenario?” District spokesperson, Bernie Rhinerson said.

    The arts and music program has been saved so far. Would that have to go?

    Or the athletic program?

    Maybe a longer school year.

    “That would require a change in state law, we have bargaining agreements with our employees we have to deal with. There's all sorts of obstacles, legal obstacles at this point,” said Rhinerson.

    Rhinerson says legally it would be difficult to issue more pink slips too since the March 15 deadline has passed. Although if California does pass a budget on time -- an August 1 window could open for more pink slips to be issued.

    “We really don't have enough money to run our schools the way they need to be run with the budget we have today. It's unthinkable to think we could face more cuts,” said Rhinerson.

    Still, Rhinerson says since the measure to extend taxes did not make the June ballot, the District has to prepare for what it says could be a “doomsday budget.”

    “No I don't think we're crying wolf. We're looking at the facts. We're preparing for what might happen,” said Rhinerson. “And this is the worst time for education.”

    The Governor has until May 15 to come out with his budget revise. That falls on a Sunday. So, the Governor's May revise could be announced Friday 13.

    Districts across the state are hoping for a lucky change of events.

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