Mayoral Candidate Bob Filner on Jobs

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    Both candidates for San Diego’s next mayor have addressed the need for a job-friendly climate at City Hall and have released plans for how they will accomplish this.

    U.S. Rep. and mayoral candidate Bob Filner said he hopes to focus on small businesses and remove regulations so that these businesses can serve as a catalyst for economic growth in the city.

    SD Fact Check: Mayor's Race

    [DGO] SD Fact Check: Mayor's Race
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    Specifically he said he will create a “yes culture” at city hall for small businesses, use contracting power to give small businesses added resources and guidance.

    He criticized his opponent Councilman Carl DeMaio’s business plan, saying he is too focused on corporate interests.

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    “Now, I'm not beholden, as my opponent is, to big money special interests who ignore these small businesses in san diego,” Filner said in a Sept.18 press conference.

    Filner invited Allen Gin, a USD economist to speak in support of his economic plan at the press conference. Gin said he supports Filner's plan because the establishment of a small business community is mark of stability.

    DeMaio, Filner Debate Jobs

    [DGO] DeMaio, Filner Debate Jobs
    San Diego City Councilmember Carl DeMaio and U.S. Rep. Bob Filner answer questions in a mayoral debate Sept. 18. Here, the two candidates respond to a question concerning jobs in a debate sponsored The San Diego North Chamber of Commerce. (Published Monday, Oct. 1, 2012)

    Prior to the announcement of his business plan, Filner proposed building up the local economy through an expansion of the Port.

    Several of his claims about the port’s commerce were found to be wrong or exaggerated in an Investigative Newsource fact-check article. He continues to include it in his jobs creation plan.

    Filner also hopes to bring jobs into San Diego by creating a demand for solar energy. At several debates, he said within the next five years, he would require that all city and school buildings be powered by solar energy.

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