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Filner Guilty of 3 Criminal Charges in Sex Scandal

Mayor Filner Recall Campaign Co-Chair Steps Down



    (L-r) Corbin, Brent and Pallamary appeared on Aug. 2 and said they stand together as one recall effort.

    Several key players in this recall effort say communication is lacking. The questions is, is it inside baseball or the sign of a bigger problem that could derail the movement?

    At one time, Elisa Brent and Michael Pallamary were partners standing side by side as co-founders of this recall effort.

    Now, Brent has decided to step down as a co-chair of the recall campaign after what she describes as being "stonewalled.”

    Stampp Corbin, another early key player, told NBC 7 there are serious concerns about communication.

    Pallamary said he has been out of the loop this past week for personal reasons.

    Mayor Under Fire: Key Players

    Whether office politics or red flags - all involved say they're still united in focus. They want to remove Bob Filner from office.