DeMaio Compares Congress to Cockroaches, Lindsay Lohan

The Internet ad mentions zombies, Lindsay Lohan and cockroaches

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    Carl DeMaio for Congress
    A still image from the Internet ad entitled "Fix Congress First."

    U.S. Rep. Scott Peters (D) - 52nd District is responding to a new ad by his political opponent, Republican Carl DeMaio.

    The Internet ad mentions zombies, actress Lindsay Lohan and cockroaches proclaiming, “ What do cockroaches, zombies and Lindsay Lohan have in common? In a recent poll, they are all more popular than Congress.”

    The ad goes on to say Carl DeMaio thinks it's time to clean up the mess in Congress.

    NBC 7 reached out to Peters and he had this to say:

    “This is what people hate about politics. This petty attack is exactly what's already wrong with Washington and what I'm trying to change,” he said.