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Filner's Budget Proposals Raise Questions, Criticism

While everyone welcomes the windfall not everyone agrees with what's being done with it.

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    There has been some debate over the mayor's proposed use of an 11 million dollar budget surplus.

    San Diego Mayor Bob Filner wants to use part of an $11 million budget surplus for the operations and monitoring of the seal camera in La Jolla.

    While it may fascinate a few, others are concerned the mayor may be missing the big picture.

    Property tax collections are up and government rent is down. Those factors combined amount to an $11 million windfall but what's a city to do?

    San Diego Budget $11M Surplus Proposal

    [DGO] San Diego Budget $11M Surplus Proposal
    Mayor Bob Filner proposes how the city should spend its $11M budget surplus. NBC 7's Dave Summers reports. (Published Thursday, May 23, 2013)

    “Redeveloping our waterfront I think there is a lot that can be done there,” said Downtown resident Lyla Altevers.

    Mayor Filner wants to throw money at police, fire and rescue, and streets but also $50,000 for seal watching.

    “It puts us on the map both for international research and for tourism,” Mayor Filner said.

    Another $50,000 for public toilets and maintenance would be spent on the city’s homeless.

    Public Divided on Children's Pool Policy

    [DGO] Public Divided on Children's Pool Policy
    The Children's Pool in La Jolla is now closed every night at Sunset. NBC 7 reporter Todd Strain talks to residents and city leaders for and against the closure. (Published Friday, Mar 29, 2013)

    “This is a basic human need for basic human dignity,” Mayor Filner said.

    “We do need to keep our city clean. I think that's a better use than say monitoring the seals,” Altevers said.

    The mayor is committing $600,000 to keep open year-round the veterans’ homeless shelter and another $50,000 for the check-in center.

    Even he admits it's not the solution to the San Diego’s transient problems.

    The Mayor said his proposals will show taxpayers a far more responsive government. He'll need a city council resolution to pass them.

    The city’s budget deadline is July 1.