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Cop Drunkenly Breaks Into Apartment, Assaults Woman Day After Getting Award: Report

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    An NYPD officer who received an award for shooting and arresting a gunman ended up on a police bulletin the day after the ceremony as a suspect in a break-in and assault.

    According to the Daily News, the officer received an award at a June 10 ceremony with Mayor de Blasio after he apprehended a gunman who fired at him in 2012.

    The day after the award ceremony, he left a friend's apartment early in the morning, wearing only his underwear, and ended up in another apartment on the same floor of the building in Woodlawn.

    A woman who lives there told police he beat her up, throwing her to the floor and punching her in the head.

    Cops made up a poster with his image from a building surveillance camera, but realized who he was before it was released, the News said.

    He is on modified duty pending the investigation.