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Video Shows Rogue Deer Trapped in Lobby of NJ High School



    (Published Friday, Oct. 21, 2016)

    An unlikely enrollee was caught on camera trying to make its way into a New Jersey school. 

    Students captured cellphone video, obtained by NBC 4 New York, of the deer trapped inside a lobby at Ramapo Indian Hills High School Friday morning.

    The footage shows the frightened animal running a lap around the empty lobby before losing its balance and falling on the floor. The animal then sits for a few seconds as its head darts back and forth.

    Other videos show the deer stammering and falling in the lobby as workers try to get the animal to come outside. 

    The school's surveillance video shows the deer ramming into a parked school bus, then stummbling into the school after the impact. The animal couldn't keep its balance because the floor had been recently waxed. 

    One of the responding officers told NBC 4 New York the animal was bleeding a bit from the mouth, likely from running into walls and a glass doors. It didn't appear badly hurt as it ran into the woods, the officer said.

    The deer was only in the school for about five minutes, but students found themselves talking about the animal all day. 

    "They told us to go to class and carry on, but you couldn't carry on like normal after that," said student Victoria Carione. "I was wondering what was happening all day."

    It's not the first time a deer has made its way into a school in the Garden State this year.

    In February, a 1-year-old buck crashed through a window at North Arlington Middle School, leaped over furniture and dashed into the student dean's office.

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