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5 Millennial Jobs That Parents Just Don't Understand



    5 Millennial Jobs That Parents Just Don't Understand
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    Millennials tend to have head-scratching job titles that just don't make sense to their parents, NBC News reported.

    To be an "influencer" or "app developer" is a relatively new trend that might lead some to believe their millennial friend or family member doesn't have a real job.

    Take, for example, the up-and-coming position of social media manager. A social media manager is involved with managing and growing a brand's social media presence. Responsibilities usually include creating content, managing partnerships, strategizing ad campaigns and interacting with customers.

    NBC News rounded up four other "millennial jobs" that it turns out are actually pretty important.

    Airport Officer Stabbed

    [NATL] Airport Officer Stabbed

    A man stabbed an airport police officer Wednesday morning at Bishop International Airport in Flint, Michigan. The man is in custody and being questioned by the FBI. The airport officer was in stable condition. The FBI has said it is too early to determine if this incident is a terrorist act.

    (Published Wednesday, June 21, 2017)