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Woman Wins Lawsuit Against Honda Over Mileage

Saturday is the last day for Honda Civic owners to leave the suit



    Heather Peters decided to take on Honda over mileage issues with their Hybrid brand of cars.

    Saturday is the last day for Honda Civic Hybrid owners to get out of a class action lawsuit over mileage. The deadline comes right after a woman named Heather Peters sued Honda in small claims court.

    Peter said the Hybrid car never met the promised 50-miles per gallon and so she, a former lawyer in her own right, decided to take on the automaker on her own after she saw a proposed class-action lawsuit would only result in $200 in cash, plus a Honda coupon.

    Peters ended up winning her suit  in small claims court and was awarded a little bit less than the maximum of $10,000 dollars according to court records.

    A website she began which urged others not to settle with the company ended up helping her make the decsion to get back into the law in order to help others who might want to leave the class action suit, she says.

    "I started dontsettlewithhonda.org and so many hundreds of people contacted me that said please renew your license and I did," said Peters.

    On Friday, Peters filed formal objections on behalf of two clients in one class action lawsuit against Honda with the court in San Diego.