Woman Plunges Nearly 30 Feet While Hiking | NBC 7 San Diego

Woman Plunges Nearly 30 Feet While Hiking



    Will Topete

    A 56-year-old hiker is recovering after losing her footing and falling nearly 30 feet near the Three Sisters Waterfalls east of Ramona, according to San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies.

    The woman fell near a creek, which feeds into the San Diego River and is bordered by steep canyon walls on all sides.

    “Initial reports were she had sustained a head injury,” said Deputy Scott Bligh.

    A sheriff's helicopter flew to the victim's aid.

    “Aside from a complaint of pain to her back and hips, the victim's primary injury appeared to be an open compound fracture of her forearm,” said Deputy Bligh.

    She was treated for shock and taken to the Ramona Fire Station where paramedics continued her treatment.