Video Shows Oceanside Police Officers Punching Suspect in Head, Torso

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    Two Oceanside police officers were caught on camera punching a man in the torso and head area at a rally Sunday afternoon.

    The officers were stopped by people at the Oceanside Pier Sunday because the suspect, 30-year-old Kevin Corey, was creating some type of disturbance, said Captain Fred Armijo of the Oceanside Police Department.

    Cops Caught on Cam Punching Suspect

    [DGO] Cops Caught on Cam Punching Suspect
    Video has emerged of two officers punching a suspect in the head and torso during a rally Sunday. (Published Monday, Oct. 22, 2012)

    Video obtained by NBC 7 shows the officers escorting Corey away from an Amnesty International rally Sunday afternoon.

    The officers apparently took Corey to the ground and then punched him in the torso and head area, Capt. Armijo said.

    Armijo told NBC 7 that all incidents involving the use of force are reviewed by the Police Department as standard practice, but that nothing he saw in the video appeared questionable.

    "All the techniques that I observed in the video are techniques approved by the Oceanside Police Department," Armijo said.

    Police will review any witness testimony and evidence collected on the scene to determine if the officers used excessive force.

    Corey faces charges of resisting an officer.