Victim's Mom Hopes Man "Rots in Prison"

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    The victim's mother said she hopes Ivy rots in prison.

    A drifter who beat a disabled man to death with a crutch in downtown San Diego has been sentenced to 16 years to life in state prison.

    Ross Shane Ivy was sentenced Friday after he was convicted last month of second-degree murder for killing Gregory Willis in April 2008.

    Ivy claimed he heard a derogatory comment and threw a 5-pound Bible at the 41-year-old Willis, who has an artificial leg and was sitting in a wheelchair. Ivy grabbed Willis' crutch and beat him.

    Prosecutors say Willis died of a heart attack brought on by the beating and other pre-existing medical conditions.

    Ivy apologized to Willis' family but the victim's mother, Karen Ready, said she hopes Ivy rots in prison.