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Quarry Blast Leaves Hole in Tierrasanta Home



    NBC 7 San Diego
    The damage to a Tierrasanta home after a blast from a nearby quarry.

    A Tierrasanta resident got a big scare Thursday after a blast from a nearby quarry left a couple of gaping holes on the side of her home.

    Bianca Bushnell was at her house on Madera Rosa Way when she suddenly heard a loud noise followed by her entire home trembling.

    “I came outside and saw there was a hole, basically, blown in the house,” she explained.

    Bushnell called police to report the incident and a few minutes later, a worker from a nearby quarry came to her door. He explained that workers had hit a seam, sending materials flying.

    The worker told her he was surveying any damage from the accidental blast and promised he’d pay to repair the holes in her home. In addition to the holes, the blast also cracked her recycling bin, which was sitting against the side of the house that received the impact.

    Bushnell called the incident “unsettling,” but said she was grateful nobody else was home and that no one was injured.

    “It’s almost comical, like ‘Are you serious?’ It’s ridiculous,” she told NBC 7. “Our house has a big hole in it – it’s not okay.”

    Bushnell said she immediately texted photos of the damage to her roommates after the incident and assured them she had nothing to do with it.

    “One of our tenants is on vacation, so they’re going to have a nice little surprise when they come home,” she added.