The Pipe Didn't Have a Chance

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    Monica Dean
    The hole in the section of cast iron pipe that was removed by city repair crews Tuesday morning.

    San Diego city water crews know the drill. A water pipe in Point Loma has ruptured and they worked in the early morning hours Tuesday to try and restore water to the neighborhood near the 4200 block of Coronado Avenue.

    As of 5:25 a.m. three blocks of homes were without water. Not the way anyone wants to start the day.

    The Pipe Didn't Have a Chance

    [DGO] The Pipe Didn't Have a Chance
    A water pipe ruptured in the middle of the night in Point Loma. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2009)

    Crews have blocked off Coronado Avenue to traffic. They expect to have the pipe fixed and water service restored by 10 a.m.