Surfing Madonna Missing a Piece

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    Madonna is still surfing, but she’s missing a good-sized chunk from her green cape.

    The popular but controversial Surfing Madonna mosaic was found to have a slab missing Thursday in Encinitas.

    Mosaic Artist: "I Wish City Would Accept It"

    [DGO] Mosaic Artist: "I Wish City Would Accept It"
    Leucadia resident Mark Patterson quit his job at Microsoft last summer, enrolled in a mosaic school in Italy and created the so-called Surfing Madonna as a gift for his community. His identity was supposed to be kept a secret forever- but he made one mistake. Mari Payton reports. (Published Friday, June 10, 2011)

    The once-mysterious mosaic is bolted under a train bridge along Encinitas Boulevard where it has become a visitor’s attraction.

    The Encinitas City Council is pushing to have the entire mosaic safely removed because it was placed on public property without authorization.

    Artist Behind Surfing Madonna Revealed

    [DGO] Artist Behind Surfing Madonna Revealed
    Mark Patterson is the mastermind behind the popular but controversial Encinitas mosaic. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2011)

    Leucadia resident Mark Patterson confirmed about two weeks ago that he was the person responsible for the artwork. Patterson says he put the piece up to send a message about saving the ocean.