Student Dies, Doctors Tell Parents Not to Panic

The junior at Mater Dei High School died on Monday

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    The junior at Mater Dei High School died on Monday

    A South Bay school is urging parents and students to stay calm following the death of a student.

    The junior at Mater Dei High School in Chula Vista died Monday at a local hospital.

    The school's president says rumors quickly spread that the cause of death was the "H1N1" virus. The school responded with an email to students and parents, assuring them that there is "no evidence" of an H1N1 infection.

    Doctors urged parents not to overreact.

    "This will flood our medical service system to the point that people who actually need to be seen don't have the opportunity to be seen because all the doctors' offices and emergency rooms are flooded," infectious disease specialist, Dr. Dale Lieu said.

    The email said school will remain in session and students are expected to remain in class. Mater Dei's president says the school is doing all it can to find out how the student died.

    The County Health Department says there have been no reports of any H1N1 deaths in San Diego in the past six days.