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Dog Travels Cross-Country to Reunite With Owners

Stray dog makes his way home 2500 miles away.

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    A stray dog found wandering through the streets of Bonsall is back with her owners, nearly 2,500 miles away in Tampa, Fla., thanks to a good Samaritan.

    The silver Labrador named Liberty was found by Bonsall residents John and Joannie Pickerell. Using information on a microchip implanted under the dog's fur, the Pickerells were able to locate the dog's owners in Tampa. Liberty's owners could not afford to take her to Florida, so they left her with a neighbor.

    Joannie decided to reunite Liberty with her owners, so she spent $400 of her money to fly Liberty to her owners.
    "I can't take it with me, so I might as well spend it on furry little friends that too many people are mean to," Joannie said. "I love animals."

    Joannie only has one condition: "The deal with the dog going back home was, If anything happened and they could not keep that dog, we were the first one's they'll call, and I told her I would call her every week and check on Liberty because it's a good dog -- just a great dog."

    Joannie's husband, John, said it’s not the first time she has taken in a stray and it probably won't be the last.