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Stairmaster Blocks 405 Freeway



    A Stairmaster blocks several lanes of the northbound 405 freeway near Mulholland.

    Morning commuters on the 405 had an opportunity to get some cardio in during a very frustrating rush hour.

    A Stairmaster was found in the northbound lanes near Mulholland close to the center divider. Traffic was brought to a crawl as commuters tried to dodge the rogue cardio equipment.

    A Stairmaster Stops Traffic on the 405

    [LA] A Stairmaster Stops Traffic on the 405
    Traffic is moving again after the stairmaster was removed (Published Monday, Nov. 8, 2010)

    The California Highway Patrol responded and briefly stopped traffic to allow a tow truck crew member to remove it.

    It was not immediately know who the owner was.