School Board Member Voted to Extend Contract, Daughter's Job: Report

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    Jackson in a 2008 photo.

    A San Diego Unified School board member approved the extension of a private contract that includes a job for her daughter.

    Shelia Jackson’s daughter Kendra works for URS Corp., a consultant employed by the district.

    According to Emily Alpert, reporter for our media partner, Jackson once said she would abstain from voting on any contract involving URS Corp.

    However, as the online website reported Monday, Jackson voted to extend the contract and her daughter’s $72/hour salary during an October 2010 board meeting.

    It’s against the law in California for public officials to be involved in decisions that could profit their spouses or their dependent children.

    While Jackson didn’t comment on the article, a professor in public interest law at the University of San Diego did.

    Robert Fellmeth told Alpert, “Imagine my kid, who I love dearly, is involved in this contract I’m voting to give somebody.”

    “You should probably recuse yourself as a matter of ethics,” he said.

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