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Sanchez's Filipino and Mexican Fans Root for Her Win

The Filipino and Mexican Community rooting for the Idol to win.



    Tonight we'll find out if San Diego's Jessica Sanchez will make it to the final round of American Idol.

    The entire county is rallying behind Sanchez but no one is as excited as her hometown of Chula Vista, especially the Filipino and Hispanic communities.

    Local Idol Wins Love of Filipino and Hispanic Communities

    [DGO] Local Idol Wins Love of Filipino and Hispanic Communities
    As a Filipina and Mexican American, American Idol finalist Jessica Sanchez has a whole new fan club rooting for her to win. NBC 7 reporter Elena Gomez visited a few local spots rooting for Jessica.
    (Published Thursday, May 17, 2012)

    It's hard to miss the signs asking locals to vote for Chula Vista native Jessica Sanchez. Some are posted along highway 94 and at the Eastlake Shopping Center.

    At Lisa's Filipino Restaurant in Chula Vista, the staff says they are encouraging everyone to vote for her.

    “Jessica is important to us because she could be the first Filipina to win Idol,” said Gevryna Varro from Lisa’s Restaurant.

    And across the street, Miguel's Cocina is flashing a banner of support for the young star and have signs up in front of the restaurant.

    “It just brings a bigger family here together. Mexican and Filipino backgrounds are very family-oriented so it brings an even bigger family together,” said Mexican fan Gina O’Cleary.

    “A lot of Asians aren’t represented in Hollywood so when you see a young Filipino-American who can represent the Filipino community it gets really exciting,” said Filipina fan Emmelina Maghring.

    And no matter what happens tonight, local fans say she’s in it until the end.

    “It’s a tough competition but I think she can pull it off. She has a lot of people backing her up,” said O’Cleary.

    “She’s going to be in the final two. Let’s put it that way,” said Filipino fan Marvin Torio.

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