Cops Seize Fake Gun Downtown | NBC 7 San Diego

Cops Seize Fake Gun Downtown

The silevr pistol did not have an orange tip found on many toy guns



    NBC 7
    NBC 7 captured this image of the fake gun seized by police officers in downtown San Diego Thursday.

    San Diego police - on alert for a man carrying a weapon in public downtown - detained a man and seized a toy gun.

    The man walked up to officers on Horton Circle, just outside the NBC 7 Studios downtown around 10:30 a.m.

    San Diego police had received reports of a man in the area carrying a weapon.

    When they investigated the man’s silver handgun, they found it to be a realistic-looking cap gun. As you can see in the image, the pistol did not have an orange tip found on many toy guns.

    Even though there is nothing illegal about carrying a cap gun, officers detained the man and could be heard lecturing him about the dangers of carrying something that looks like a real weapon on a public street.

    Officials also seized the toy.

    The man was not attending the Comic-Con convention, officials said.