Shopper Claims Man Used Bag to Hide Dressing Room Camera

San Diego police are investigating the incident at Forever 21 in Fashion Valley

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    A San Diego woman contacted police when she saw what she believed to be a shopping bag with a dime-sized hole concealing a camera in a Fashion Valley store dressing room.

    Nicole Schull contacted NBC 7 San Diego to share her story about what she says happened in a Forever 21 dressing room,

    Shopper Claims Man Used Bag to Hide Dressing Room Camera

    [DGO]Shopper Claims Man Used Bag to Hide Dressing Room Camera
    Nicole Schull says while she was trying on clothes at Forever 21 in Fashion Valley mall she noticed a camera in her dressing room. (Published Friday, Feb. 22, 2013)

    Schull was trying on clothes when she noticed a bag in her dressing room. Thinking someone left it there by accident, she didn’t think twice about it and continued to try on clothes she told NBC 7 San Diego.

    After approximately 15 to 20 minutes, she says she noticed something strange.

    She saw a dime-sized hole in the bag. When she took a closer look, she says she saw a camera.

    As she tried to grab the bag, Schull said a man in the stall next to her grabbed the bag as well.

    He took off and she followed him screaming she said.

    Schull said employees of the store stopped the man but she says they didn’t find a camera so they let him go.

    San Diego police officers confirmed they are investigating the incident.

    Schull said she plans to follow up in the hopes that whoever is responsible is caught.

    NBC 7 San Diego has contacted the Forever 21 corporate offices in Los Angeles and is awaiting their reply.