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Added Congestion Expected on Major Freeway

Northbound I-15 can expect delays for about the next 3 months



    NBC San Diego
    An express lane closure on State Route 163 will cause Miramar traffic congestion on northbound Interstate 15 beginning April 11, 2011.

    An express lane closure on State Route 163 will cause Miramar traffic congestion on Interstate 15 beginning Monday, a California Department of Transportation official said Friday.

    Northbound commuters accustomed to accessing the I-15 express lane from the SR 163 flyover bridge will now have to first merge with general purpose I-15 traffic.

    The alternative onramp will be at a left lane approximately a mile north of the closed onramp.

    The detour is expected to continue for about the next three months.

    “There will be a little bit of added traffic in that one-mile stretch, so we anticipate some delays and some congestion in that area,” said Gustavo Dallarda, I-15 corridor director. “We ask for everyone’s patience. Follow the signs. The good news is that the opening of this next stretch is right around the corner.”

    This is the first in a closure series, which is expected to continue through the fall, that will allow CalTrans to complete the South Segment of its I-15 Express Lanes Project.

    With the upcoming closure, construction crews will be able to complete extensive paving along with drainage and concrete barrier work on the entrance ramp, according to CalTrans.

    About 900 vehicles use the SR 163 flyover bridge per hour, Dallarda said

    “So starting Monday, those vehicles are going to have to travel about a mile longer to get into the express lanes,” Dallarda said. “Now, some of them may decide if they have an easier way to come onto the 15 instead of 163, they may decide to change their commute for this three-month period … You may want to try that and see if that works better for you.”

    The South Segment project is fully funded and about a year ahead of schedule due to quick contractor work, Dallard said.