SDPD Detective Shoots, Kills Pit Bull in Mount Hope

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    A San Diego police detective shot and killed a dog in the backyard of a Mount Hope home Wednesday.

    Officials were conducting a routine probation compliance check on 40th Street when they asked the resident to secure the dogs on the property.

    SDPD Detective Shoots, Kills Dog

    [DGO] SDPD Detective Shoots, Kills Dog
    NBC 7's Sherene Tagharobi reports from Mount Hope where a San Diego police detective shot and killed a pit bull in the owner's backyard. (Published Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2013)

    The woman living in the home thought she had the dog restrained but when the officials entered the backyard, the animal got free.

    The dog, described by officials as a pit bull, attacked the San Diego police detective and an FBI agent, officials said.

    The agent tried to use a baton to end the attack and once the dog latched onto the agent’s hand, the detective fired two to three times, killing the dog.

    The detective’s pants were torn in the attack.

    Several signs were posted on the outside of the fence at the home warning passersby about dogs.

    San Diego police officers said they will investigate to see if any laws were broken.