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How Silicon Valley Helped "Twilight" Werewolves

A Northern California studio had a hand in the Hollywood magic



    (Published Monday, Nov. 19, 2012)

    You already know "Twilight." You probably also know that it hauled in more than $140-million opening weekend. But did you know about the small special effects studio that brought us the "Twilight" werewolves? It's the latest link-up between Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

    Those effects came from Berkeley, and Tippett Studio.  Founded back in 1984, Tippett, started by Phil Tippett, has already brought in Oscar, Emmy, and Clio. Over the last few days, it helped bring in mammoth box office receipts.

    Tippett is not new to the "Twilight" franchise, having FX-ed the werewolves from "New Moon," and "Eclipse."  "Breaking Dawn," Part One brought more Tippett-created werewolves, and the franchise climaxes with even more lupine effects out of Berkeley.  Four movies, lots of werewolves, and a ton of box office money.

    A tip of the hat also goes to Dell. The computer giant was used by Tippett to help carve out the effects - Dell proudly pointing out that its machines were chosen over Apple and HP to render many of the effects you saw on-screen.

    In a world where most effects come from big FX houses like ILM, and lots of Apple machines, Tippett (and Dell) break the mold to help the "Twilight" 'Wolves howl.

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