Rescued Sea Lion Pup a Repeat Offender

Nothing quite draws a crowd like the sounds and the sight of a stranded sea lion

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    SeaWorld San Diego rescued a sea lion pup for the second time Tuesday.

    The one-year-old waddled right up to the bike path near York Court in Mission Beach.

    The pup was a "repeat offender" because this is the second time he was found stranded among beach goers.

    “The tag does indicate we have rehabilitated him before. It's a national marine fishery tag,” Rescuer Jody Westberg said.

    If it was an audience the this pup was looking for he sure got one.

    Nothing quite draws a crowd like the sounds and the sight of a stranded sea lion.

    “This is so cool,” Neighbor Kristie Le said.

    Beach goers blocked the boardwalk and prodded the pup with pillows.

    “My concern is to get him to safety back in the water," visitor George Saba said.

    “I think he's been out of the water too long," neighbor Scott Shore said.

    Others tried to capture the moment with their phones.

    “If I could just show my family I got a seal in my back yard that is pretty cool,” Le said.

    “This animal might have just been coming up to haul out for the night. He just happened to pick very public area,” Westberg said..

    If you see a stranded animal Sea World recommends you not touch or feed it. Instead, stay a safe distance, usually 50 feet from the animal.

    If you're sure the animal needs help notify an authorized animal rescue using the hotline number (800) 541-SEAL .

    This makes over four hundred pup rescues this year. It's nearly three times the usual amount.

    The pup was taken to SeaWorld San Diego where he's getting a check-up for before being released back into the wild .