Red Cross Delivers Meals to San Diego Food Bank | NBC 7 San Diego

Red Cross Delivers Meals to San Diego Food Bank



    The San Diego chapter of the American Red Cross donated thousands of meals to the San Diego Food Bank Tuesday.

    Twenty-thousand meals were unloaded at the Presbyterian Urban Ministries in Sherman Heights.

    The meals were pre-packaged and self-heating.

    The idea of a self-heating meal was new for food bank meal recipient Teresa Najara.

    "I think it's great, I think those heater meals, I've never seen it before and, I don't know, I would like to try one," she said.

    The Jacobs and Cushman Food Bank will distribute them to 20 local groups, which will then give them to people who need them all over the county.

    The Presbyterian Urban Ministries says one in six county residents need some kind of food assistance.

    The food bank says it serves more than 300,000 people each month.