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Prison Guard Accused of Buying Drugs to Sell

Matthew Gutierrez works at the Metropolitan Correctional Center

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    A local prison guard is on the other side of the law, accused of buying thousands of dollars worth of cocaine.

    Matthew Gutierrez is a prison guard at the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

    Prison Guard Accused of Buying Drugs

    [DGO] Prison Guard Accused of Buying Drugs
    He is accused of buying a half pound of cocaine. (Published Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010)

    On Tuesday Gutierrez was arrested at a storage facility, accused of buying $5,000 worth of cocaine, which investigators say he was going to re-sell. 

    Gutierrez befriended an inmate at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, who put him in touch with a drug dealer, police said. The drug dealer was an informant working with the FBI.

    Gutierrez drove with the informant to a Mission Valley Starbucks, according to a criminal complaint. On the drive, Gutierrez allegedly told him he was going to school in order to become "a crooked cop."

    The complaint also said Gutierrez admitted that he let inmates at the Metropolitan Correctional Center use his cell phone to make personal calls and traffic drugs.

    Gutierrez' family said he moved back in with his parents in Chula Vista after his wife left him three weeks ago and that things were not going well.

    The suspect’s attorney, Howard Frank, said that his client was, "doing as well as anyone in his position" and that Gutierrez was "very concerned."

    A Detention hearing is scheduled for Monday, but Gutierrez' attorney said he needs more time and will ask the judge to reschedule.