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How Did This Lizard End Up in RB?

San Diego Zoo confirms it's a venomous Mexican Beaded Lizard, far from home



    San Diego Department of Animal Services
    Authorities says the reptile found in Rancho Bernardo on Friday is a venomous Beaded Lizard.

    The San Diego Zoo has positively identified a lizard found in a Rancho Bernardo yard as a potentially dangerous reptile called the “Mexican beaded lizard”, according to county officials.

    A resident found the reptile while doing yard work at a home in the 12,800 block of Lunada Place, according to Lt. Dan DeSousa of San Diego County Animal Services.

    “They called our department and said they had a Gilo Monster,” said DeSousa.

    He said the officer was a little suspicious.

     “So she called the folks up and said, are you sure it’s a Gilo Monster and not an iguana?” DeSousa said. “They said no, we googled it. It’s a Gilo monster.”

    The Gilo Monster and beaded lizard are very similar in appearance. And both venomous.
    The big question: How did he get there?

    “A Mexican beaded lizard is from the southern portion of Mexico. So someone obviously picked this thing up or had it as a pet. Those are the questions we don’t know,” said DeSousa.

    DeSousa says it is illegal to possess a venomous animal under county law.

    On Tuesday night, the officers moved the lizard to the San Diego County Zoo.

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