Pit Bull Bites 2 People, Owner in University Heights | NBC 7 San Diego

Pit Bull Bites 2 People, Owner in University Heights



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    A pit bull is in quarantine after biting three people -- including its owner -- in University Heights Monday afternoon, according to San Diego County Animal Control. 

    The attack happened in the 1300 block of El Cajon Blvd. around 1:50 p.m.

    The dog's owner Sharon Robinson said she was standing outside of her fence, talking with a strange man when she suddenly felt threatened by him. 

    She claims the dog sensed that and attacked the man in defense of Robinson. 

    "He totally protected me," Robinson said tearfully. "He protected my whole family, and now he's gone."

    She was bitten while trying to pull her dog away. It's unclear how the third victim came into the situation.

    One of the victims said he was attacked while going into a University Heights store. Even though he has bandages on his arms, he told NBC 7 he's alright.

    Animal Control Lt. Dan Desousa said his agency detained the dog in the 4900 block of Harbinson Ave. in the Rolando area. 

    Desousa said a decision will be made Tuesday on what's to be done with the pit bull.