Patrick Henry Students Protest Pink Slips

Many of the students who left class at 12:30 p.m. were wearing pink

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    About 200 students from all grade levels walked out of their classrooms at Patrick Henry High School on Thursday to protest the pink slips being given to about 1,600 teachers in San Diego Unified School District.

    Many of the students who left class at 12:30 p.m. were wearing pink. Police and some staff faculty monitored the walkout while students were outside.

    The teenagers said they did it as a peaceful protest against the pink slips and to support their teachers.

    “Teachers are the foundation of our education system so if we're laying them off, what is that saying about our education,” said PHHS junior Chance Kawar.

    Many students told NBCSanDiego that their punishment for walking out would be to attend class on Saturday as a “loss of privilege.” Until they complete Saturday school, they will not be able to participate in school activities or sports.

    But some other students said teachers told them they wouldn't be punished if more than 100 students walked out. Many of the teenagers said supporting their teachers and protesting against pink slips is worth more than any punishment.

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