Occupy San Diego Organizer Plans to Sue City Over Arrests

Occupy SD event organizer, Kayla War, says SDPD used excessive force during a sweep Friday

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    Day 23 of the Occupy San Diego protest had a different focus; it wasn't on the economy, but claims of police brutality.

    One day after San Diego police arrested 51 people during a raid on Occupy San Diego at the Civic Center, an organizer within the group said she has plans to sue the city.

    Occupy Protesters: Police Used Excessive Force

    [DGO] Occupy Protesters: Police Used Excessive Force
    Demonstrators of Occupy SanDiego are claiming police brutality after a SDPD raid that netted 51 arrests on Friday. (Published Sunday, Oct. 30, 2011)

    Posted Saturday on Occupy San Diego's Facebook page, event organizer, Kayla Ward, announced said she will sue the city for SDPD's alleged use of excessive force during a sweep of the protester's unauthorized camp site.

    Ward wasn't arrested but said she was injured trying to get away and witnessed officers using excessive force.

    Occupy SD Re-Invigorated After Arrests

    [DGO] Occupy SD Re-Invigorated After Arrests
    The Occupy San Diego movement received support from the San Diego labor Council as well as religious leaders later Friday after police reported 53 arrests. (Published Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011)


    "I am initiating, right now on my own and hopefully others will join me a lawsuit against the city of San Diego, as well as Mayor Sanders for police brutality,” said Ward in an interview with NBCSanDiego.

    Raw Video: SDPD Chief Discusses 'Occupy'

    [DGO] Raw Video: SDPD Chief Discusses 'Occupy'
    After arresting more than 50 people early Friday morning, San Diego Police Department addressed the public about Occupy San Diego. (Published Friday, Oct. 28, 2011)

    Raw Video: SDPD Occupy Raid (Warning Graphic Language)

    Saturday, many of the protesters who were arrested Friday were back protesting.

    Some said the sweep and arrest has caused them to re-evaluate their protest strategy, but giving up was not an option.

    As the protest against perceived political and financial wrongdoing entered its 23rd day, 53 people were arrested for suspicion of offenses including unlawful assembly, with one person taken into custody for battery and another for assault after the raid.  

    Late Friday night the demonstrators re-grouped with the help of faith leaders and the San Diego Labor Council and plans to gather money for jailed protesters were set in place. 

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